Fifteen attorneys have filed applications for an associate judge's seat in Madison County vacated by the retiring Associate Judge F. Nelson Metz.

Former associate judge Ellar Duff is among those seeking to fill Metz's slot.

The vacancy was effective April 6.

The other applicants, according to a release from Chief Judge Ann Callis, are: Philip B. Alfeld, Christopher J.T. Bauer, Andrew K. Carruthers, David W. Dugan, John T. Fischer, Donald M. Flack, Philip J. Lading, Greg E. Roosevelt, Neil T. Schroeder, Maureen D. Schuette, Ronald R. Slemer, Kelly R. Sullivan, Jennifer A. Vucich, and Lon D. Weaver.

In 2011, the Third Circuit's nine elected circuit judges voted not to retain Duff as associate judge.

She had served as an associate judge since 1988. Ben Beyers replaced Duff last year.

An associate judge seeking to be retained must get three fifths of the circuit judges' votes in order to remain on the bench.

The balloting is not made public.

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