St. Clair County Associate Judge Vincent Lopinot continued a hearing in a case against Illinois Central Railroad.

Dale C. Braddy, a blacksmith and car man, filed suit against his employer claiming he sustained injuries to his wrists, arms and shoulders.

The hearing, that was to be held March 20 on the railroad company's motion to transfer the case, has been reset until May 2.

Braddy claims that in addition to wrist, arm and shoulder injuries, he also sustained pain, incurred disfigurement, disability and lost wages. He also incurred medical costs.

Braddy blames the railroad for his injuries, saying it failed to provide a safe work place, failed to provide proper supervision, and failed to mechanical lifting assistance.

In his complaint, Braddy seeks more than $50,000.

In its defense, the railroad states that the plaintiff's alleged condition was a result of events or a condition which developed outside of work for the railroad for which the defendant is not responsible.

The railroad also stated the plaintiff's alleged medical condition was a result of a pre-existing condition unrelated to his employment and for which the defendant is not responsible.

Illinois Central Railroad filed a motion to transfer the case Jan. 27, stating that St. Clair County has little connection to the case. The plaintiff does not live in St. Clair County, and nothing shows his injuries occurred in St. Clair County.

The railroad wants the case transferred to Marion County, because the plaintiff allegedly worked at Illinois Central's Centralia facility.

The plaintiff is represented by John P. Kujawski of Kujawski and Associates in O'Fallon.

Kurt E. Reitz of Thompson Coburn in Belleville represents Illinois Central.

St. Clair County Circuit Court case number: 11-L-596.

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