Third graders participate in a Madison County mock trial on Tuesday.

Third grade students from Worden Elementary School in Edwardsville performed a mock trial Tuesday in Madison County Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder's courtroom in the case of B.B. Wolf (a/k/a Big Bad Wolf) vs. Curly Pig.

A mock jury was given two choices: whether they believed Mr. Curly Pig was trying to lift the lid off a kettle with the intent of making Poached Wolf; or, if they believed Mr. Wolf had a history of trying to harass the Pig family, including eating Mr. Pig's two brothers.

"This is what we do all day long," Crowder told the students. "What do you think, fun?"

Students asked Crowder how she became a judge and how much money she makes.

She told them she practiced law 18 years before she was appointed a judge in 1999 and that she gets paid well.

The mock trial is an annual event for the students as part of their government class.

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