A case management conference is set next March over an accident involving a Collinsville man, who fell off a golf cart at the city's annual Italianfest in 2009.

Jeremiah Duckworth claims he fell off the cart being driven by a Collinsville Chamber of Commerce representative.

In the complaint, Duckworth says he was walking with friends along a street where the Chamber of Commerce was setting up for its annual street festival. Duckworth says he and his friends were offered a ride on a golf cart being driven by someone connected with the Chamber.

Duckworth claims there weren't enough seats in the golf cart, and he alleges he was told to stand on the rear platform of the cart and hold on to the roof. He claims the driver was speeding and turned the vehicle too quickly, causing him to fall from the back of the golf cart and hit his head on the street. The suit states Duckworth was in a coma for three weeks after the fall.

The case management conference slated for March 28, 2012, was set in a Nov. 16 order.

The Collinsville Chamber of Commerce denies allegations made by Duckworth.

In its answer to the suit, the Chamber, represented by Shari M. Brunton of St. Louis, states Duckworth had a pre-existing condition unrelated to the alleged incident that occurred at the Italianfest.

Duckworth claims he fell off a golf cart being driven by a Chamber representative.

The Chamber said Duckworth failed to take safety precautions, allegedly exited the cart while it was moving and should have known that would be dangerous. In addition, the Chamber alleges he was intoxicated and unable to control himself.

Duckworth is represented by attorney Donald W. Urban of Belleville.

Madison County Circuit Court Case No. 11-L-624

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