von Nida

Madison County Clerk Mark Von Nida announced his candidacy on the Democratic ticket for the Madison County Circuit Clerk's race in November 2012.

"It'll be a terrific challenge, and I hope that I can make a good case to the public that I will be a good circuit clerk," said von Nida, who has served as County Clerk since 1997.

Current Circuit Clerk Matt Melucci announced in September that he would not seek another term next year.

Meanwhile, Madison County Republican Chairwoman Deb Detmers said she expects a "very well-qualified candidate for the position" to run.

"It's a very important job," she said. "I don't have any names that I'm free to give out at this point in time. I feel confident we'll have good candidates for all county-wide positions."

During his announcement, Von Nida said, "Today, for those coming to court, it is generally under unpleasant circumstances. Whether an injury, traffic ticket or for family or business, people are not coming to court by choice, rather to seek some measure justice.

"We owe people the assurance they will be treated fairly and the people whom they encounter will make every effort to make their time here as pleasant experience as possible."

Von Nida told reporters he ran a marathon in Chicago this past weekend. He was born and raised in Granite City. After high school, he joined the U.S. Navy and graduated from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. He started working as a corrections officer at the County Detention Facility, and later became the Office Administrator in the State's Attorney's Office.

He and his wife Deborah Brown von Nida live in Granite City and have two sons.

As County Clerk, he is responsible for all elections in Madison County. He maintains voter registration records and vital records, including birth, death and marriage certificates.

Melucci said that after five terms in office, he may consider part-time teaching on the subject of political science. He also said he would like to spend more time traveling during his retirement.

"I have family in Italy and would like to spend a month in Italy as opposed to a week or two," Melucci, 67, said.

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