A Madison County woman is suing her insurance company claiming she was charged for coverage that should have been free because of a disability.

Susan I. Manners filed the lawsuit May 25 in Madison County Circuit Court against American General Life and Accident Insurance Company. Insurance agent Timothy Haddad is also named as a defendant.

According to the complaint, Manners purchased life insurance policy with AGLA. She says she made monthly premium payments to an agent who visited her house to collect them.

In 1990, Manners says a car crash left her paralyzed. She says she continued to make the same monthly premium payments to the same agent who showed up to her house. Manners says the agent knew she was disabled because she was in bed and unable to walk each time he arrived. Manners also claims she told the agent she was paralyzed.

Manners says Haddad rewrote her policy and added a waiver of monthly deduction rider to it. She claims Haddad had her sign the new policy after telling her everything was updated, including her disability status. Manners say she was never told about the rider so she continued to make monthly payments event though she allegedly wasn't required to because of her physical condition.

Manners accuses AGLA and Haddad of consumer fraud, breach of contract and negligence. She is asking for more than $100,000 in actual and punitive damages along with court costs.

Attorney Andrew W. Kuhlmann of St. Louis is representing Manners.

Madison County Circuit Court Case No. 11-L-493

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