Madison County Chief Judge Ann Callis has set a deadline for 24 civil cases that have seen little action.

Callis entered an order April 1 designating May 25 as the day when she will either see the parties in the suits for case management conferences, a status update, or the suit's dismissal.

The judge writes that she has found it "necessary to determine the status" of the suits.

The cases encompassed by the April 1 order are:

05-L-099 – Jeffrey McQuaid vs. Madison County et al – negligence

05-L-510 – Sheila Dunn vs. Aisha Fuller – negligence

05-L- 717 – Mary Novosel vs. Jeffrey Anderson – negligence

05-L-1092 – Ivy Steel vs. AJK Inv. Co. – breach of contract

05-L-1275 – Alvia Haster et al vs. AK Steel et al – benzene

06-L-108 – Nancy Bruner vs. Collinsville Hotel Venture – negligence

06-L-121 – Amy Atterberry et al vs. Jacob Fields – negligence

06-L-723 – Vicki Lamere et al vs. Alton Memorial Hospital – negligence

07-L-498 – Steven Norbury vs. Koch Surveying – negligence

07-L-514 – Ashlee Hoffman vs. Daimler Chrysler Corporation – product liability

07-L-630 – Mattie Walker Bennett vs. City of Alton et al – negligence

07-L-777 – Judy Greer vs. Maco Management et al – negligence

07-L-901 – Eugenia Johnson Jones vs. Timothy Dobler et al – negligence

07-L-1055 – Kurk Kimberlin vs. Floyd Warren – negligence

08-L-491 – Robert Haney et al vs. Joe Dix et al – breach of contract

08-L-847 – Barbara Wyatt vs. THF Glen Carbon Development LLC – negligence

08-L-1138 – Alyssa Gardner vs. Sammy Hill – negligence

09-L-058 – Ken Ledbetter vs. John Doe et al – negligence

09-L-614 – Advanced Internal Medicine LLC vs. Etransmedia Technology Inc. – breach of

09-L-652 – Sandra Cherry vs. Robyn Hood et al – battery

09-L-839 – Kimberly Kudelka vs. Larry Wofford et al – dram shop

09-L-867 – Amy Rinderer et al vs. Rebecca Griffith et al – negligence

09-L-979 – Charles McKowan vs. American Commercial Lines LLC – negligence

09-L-1045 – Mary Willis vs. Agency for Community Transport – negligence

09-L-1400 – Jason Brewer et al vs. Charles Kassing - negligence

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