A Madison County man is suing a Granite City business owner and the city after he allegedly crashed his bike into a street pole lying across the sidewalk.

Eric Stiles filed the lawsuit against Granite City, the Farmer's Market and its owners, Douglass G. and Richard M. Weiss.

Stiles says he was riding his bike on the sidewalk in front of Farmer's Market when he crashed into a street pole that was left lying across the sidewalk. Stiles alleges both the city and the owners of the business were negligent and had a duty to keep the sidewalk safe or at least warn users of the dangerous conditions.

Stiles is asking for more than $50,000 to pay for medical costs and court fees. Attorney Susan M. Schwartzkopf of St. Louis is representing him. They ask for a jury trial.

Madison County Circuit Court case no. 10-L-1286

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