A man acting as special administrator for his deceased wife alleges that negligence by her physicians and Memorial Hospital led to her death from a heart attack.

Jack Hill filed a lawsuit on Nov. 24 in St. Clair County Circuit Court against Beatriz C. Ramos-Pardo, M.D., Roop Lal, M.D. and Memorial Hospital in Belleville, which is legally licensed under the name Protestant Memorial Medical Center.

Hill says his wife Ruth A. Hill was treated under the care of Dr. Ramos-Pardo prior to her admittance to Memorial hospital in February 2009. Hill claims Dr. Ramos-Pardo failed to adequately treat his wife for diabetes, failed to diagnose her coronary artery disease and failed to order appropriate tests. Ruth Hill suffered a heart attack in February 2009 and died in March.

When his wife entered Memorial Hospital, he claims the hospital did not diagnose her cardiac condition, failed to take timely and appropriate action and didn' t get a cardiac consultation. The complaint further blames Dr. Lal for not evaluating her cardiac condition, not ordering appropriate tests and not taking timely action in response to her condition.

Hill says he and his surviving three adult children suffered deprivation of Ruth Hill' s company, guidance, love and affection. They also claim grief, suffering and mental anguish.

In his complaint, Hill seeks damages of $50,000 plus costs on all three counts against Drs. Pardo and Lal and Memorial Hospital.

Weilmuenster Law Group is representing him.

St. Clair County Circuit Court case number: 10-L-517.

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