Dwight Kay is Record Person of the Year

By Ann Knef | Jan 3, 2011


The Madison County Record applauds State Representative-elect Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon) for convincing voters in November to retire Democratic incumbent Jay Hoffman of Collinsville.

Hoffman, a well-financed, 20-year career politician was part of the problem in our dysfunctional state legislature. He voted for policies that helped us achieve a $13 billion deficit and an $80 billion unfunded pension liability; he voted for policies that stunted job growth and economic development

He was a close ally of our felonious former governor and advanced the aims of business-bashing trial lawyers like his friends and associates at LakinChapman in Wood River.

Though long overdue, Hoffman's forced retirement in the 112th House District signals a growing awareness in the Metro East that true prosperity depends on good government, not cronyism and paternalism.

As for solutions to our state's oversized problems, we believe Kay's fiscal experience as vice president of one of Madison County's larger private sector employers - Cassens - will guide him as he makes public sector decisions. Let's hope that when Kay takes office on Jan. 12 he will legislate as promised during his tireless campaign effort. His pledges included:

  • Putting an end to job-crushing taxes and fees; and

  • Streamlining job creation efforts and reducing barriers to enterprise

    And voting for:

  • Job creation tax credits that reward businesses for hiring new employees;

  • Real lawsuit abuse reform, so companies can focus on creating jobs instead of fighting frivolous lawsuits; and

  • Workers' compensation reform to fix Illinois' flawed and expensive system

    Kay, who lost to Hoffman in 2008 by a margin of 57 to 43 points, won decisively in 2010 by a margin of 53 to 47 points because he worked hard and connected with voters on the issues. He earned his victory.

    For his perseverance and promised responsible leadership, Dwight Kay is the Record's Person of the Year.

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