Madison County plaintiff Susan Noggle is accusing her sister of stealing money from their deceased mother's estate.

Noggle makes the allegations in a lawsuit filed against her sister, Nancy Homza, on Nov. 22.

Noggle says Homza was granted power of attorney in 2003 so she could manage their aging mother's estate and property. Noggle contends Phillips never agreed to award any part of her estate to Homza or to compensate her for acting as power of attorney.

Between September 2003 and July 2009, Noggle says Homza mixed her personal funds with Phillips' assets without permission. Noggle accuses her sister of reducing their mother's estate by fraudulently transferring money and property to herself, relatives and friends over the last six years.

Noggle says Homza's actions caused less money to be available in her mother's estate at the time of Phillips' death.

Noggle is asking for damages of more than $50,000 plus court costs.

Attorney John D. Wendler is representing Noggle.

Madison County Circuit Court case no. 10-L-1179

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