Attorneys for a man who is suing his wife of more than two decades, a local credit union and his former retirement account manager are asking for an $800 sanction.

Plaintiff's attorney Thomas Burkart filed asking for the sanction against Granite City Steel Federal Credit Union Sept. 21.

Burkart's client, Thomas Dodd, is suing the credit union for allegedly accepting checks forged by his wife that siphoned off his retirement savings into two accounts she opened in her own name and her sister's name.

Dodd is also suing his wife, Carol Dodd, for allegedly forging his signature to empty his Ameren Services Co. retirement accounts and for leaving him without food or water for days in a bathtub after a fall in the couple's home.

Thomas Dodd claims his wife took upwards of $190,000.

Ameren Services is also named as a defendant in the case.

Counterclaims filed by the credit union and Ameren are pending against Carol Dodd.

Carol Dodd denies her husband's claims.

The Dodds are in the process of divorcing.

A trial over the remaining issues in the Dodds' divorce is set for November before Madison County Associate Judge Steve Stobbs.

In his sanction motion, Burkart alleges that after he went to inspect the credit union's production of documents related to the Dodds, he found that the defendant had not produced everything it had claimed to.

Burkart writes that he found a certificate of deposit opened in Carol Dodd's name and in her sister's name showing that they had deposited $191,000 in a joint account.

Burkart also claims to have found 921 documents the credit union had not previously produced.

The plaintiff's attorney asks that the defendant be sanctioned the $800 Burkart says it cost him to go to the credit union's Maryville Road location to find and copy the discovered documents.

A copy of the credit union's response was not available in the case file Thursday.

Madison County Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder oversaw the case before Stack.

James Craney and Tim Wolf represent the credit union.

Gary Meadows represents Ameren.

Alexander Wilson represents Carol Dodd.

The case is Madison case number 08-L-606.

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