To the Editor:

Forty years ago, the lawyer dominated Illinois legislature scammed Illinois voters into accepting Section 11 of Article VI as an amendment to the Illinois Constitution.

The amendment requires that an Illinois judge must be a licensed attorney-at-law of Illinois. The amendment provided the fertile garden for a corrupt Illinois judiciary to grow in. A prime fruit of this garden is the judicial hellhole of the Illinois 3rd Judicial Circuit in Edwardsville.

There is another amendment scam that is presently on the upcoming Nov. 2 Illinois ballot for Illinois voters to decide. The amendment, Section 7 of Article III, sets forth the requirements for the recall election of an Illinois governor.

There are two serious flaws in the proposed amendment.

First, the amendment should also provide for the recall election of any secretary of state, state representative, state senator, or any other or any other elected state, county, or city office holder.

Second, the amendment should prevent any participation or authority by any office holder stated above, in a recall election.

Do not vote for this amendment for it gives control of the amendment to the very same people who may be subjected to a recall election, such as State Rep. Jay Hoffman (D-Collinsville).

Charles Sullivan
Write-In Candidate
Monroe County Commissioner

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