Golf 255 Inc. has filed a complaint against Marsha, or "Mosey," Hoffmeister on Sept. 17 in Madison County Circuit Court.

According to the complaint, Hoffmeister was an officer, director and owner of company stock. She was also personally responsible for managing the operations and finances of Golf 255, the complaint states.

The corporation alleges that in October 2003, Hoffmeister claims to have bought golf carts for $49,800. She allegedly secured a corporate loan to fund the purchase, but the golf carts were never received, the complaint states.

The company contends the serial numbers Hoffmeister recorded for the new golf carts match the serial numbers for carts purchased from the same company in 1998.

A second golf cart order in the amount of $22,800, allegedly made by Hoffmeister in April 2004, was also never received, the complaint states. Golf 255 alleges that Hoffmeister filed an insurance claim for the missing carts.

Despite the absence of any invoices or proof of delivery, Hoffmeister allegedly reported the transactions as new golf cart purchases in Golf 255's tax filings, the complaint states.

In March 2004, the corporation claims Hoffmeister wrote a check to herself for $200,000 for money not owed to her by Golf 255.

Hoffmeister allegedly sold her stock in Golf 255 on Sept. 15, 2006 in exchange for $350,000 cash. Three weeks later, an involuntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition was filed against the corporation, the complaint states.

The corporation says it suffered actual damages in excess of $321,000. It is asking to be compensated that amount along with punitive damages.

Attorney Steven T. Stanton of Maryville is representing Golf 225 Inc.

Madison County Circuit Court Case No. 10-L-970

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