To the Editor:

Jay Hoffman, the conservative, really? No, not really! I have seen Jay's TV ad all over cable and his creative PR people make him sound like he is a conservative Republican.

Let's do some fact checking: Jay voted to cut his own pay? Do you consider dropping the per diem for meals from $139 to $111 a pay cut? How about lowering the mileage reimbursement from $.59 to $.31 per mile? Now, Senate Bill 3660 stops the cost of living adjustment, but is stopping an increase really a pay cut? Not in my book.

Hoffman said in his last mailer that he supports a line-by-line audit. That's great news! I'm glad to see Jay has changed his position since he voted against the audit bill (House Resolution 1057) just four months ago. No doubt Jay knows this is a popular issue and my guess is he will support it until Election Day.

Representative Hoffman claims to be fighting Springfield and says he is, "one of us." He has been in Springfield for 18 years. In fact, he was in leadership as Governor Blagojevich's House Floor Leader.

"One of us?" I don't think so. How many of us are reported to make over a quarter million dollars working at the Lakin law firm without billing hours?

Jay Hoffman IS Springfield; he is one of them, not one of us!

Brad Greer

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