A 41-year veteran of Illinois Central Railroad is suing the company for injuries he claims he suffered over the course of his career.

Jerry Wayne Blythe, of Kentucky, filed the complaint against Illinois Central Railroad Company Sept. 7 in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

Blythe says he has been employed as a trackman by Illinois Central Railroad since 1969. He says the work caused progressive trauma to his knees, shoulder, wrists, hands and elbows.

Blythe says the injuries are a result of Illinois Central's negligence. He accuses the railroad of violating the Federal Employers Liability Act by failing to provide a safe work environment, failing to provide proper tools and equipment, failing to properly supervise him and properly educate him on ways to avoid injuries along with failing to employ a sufficient number of track laborers.

Blythe also accuses Illinois Central of destroying ergonomic studies of the railroad's welders, welder helpers and track laborers published in 1991.

Blythe is suing the company for damages in excess of $50,000 for pain and mental anguish, loss of earnings and medical expenses.

Attorney Michael G. Burnworth of Edwardsville is representing Blythe.

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