To the Editor:

The temporary injunction by Federal Judge Susan Bolton of Arizona's immigration law on July 28, drafted to conform to federal law, was a well publicized event.

Chicago's Mayor Daley had some choice words to say the morning after Judge Bolton's temporary injunction, even though the disputed Arizona law is viewed favorably by a majority of the American people: Among them were: "We are a nation of immigrants."

In Mayor Daley's eyes there are no illegal immigrants.

Why is next to nothing being reported by Chicagoland media about how Illinois is faring on the illegal immigrant front? It is unconscionable that politicians of both political parties are avoiding discussing an issue which affects all Illinoisans.

Consider these facts:

  • Federal data available for 2009 estimates the number of unauthorized individuals living in Illinois at 540,000.

  • Illinois taxpayers absorb most of this financial burden along with their local governments.

  • Chicago, along with Addison, Cicero and Evanston, are known as "Sanctuary Cities," which inhibit police or municipal employees from inquiring about immigration status.

    Mayor Daley should not be surprised that gang activity, drug trafficking and murder thrive in Chicago, for Daley has allowed Chicago to become a safe haven for illegals immigrants.

    Mayor Daley's solution to Chicago's crime mayhem is to decry gun ownership among law-abiding citizens.

    It is a rare weekend when Chicago gun murder deaths are not noted in detail and number.

    But what about drug trafficking? Chicago is second only to Los Angeles as a drug distribution center. A recent study by University of Illinois at Chicago has concluded that heroin abuse in the Chicago region is more extreme than anywhere else in the country and that suburban teens and 20-somethings are the primary reason.

    As heroin can be purchased easily and cheaply, heroin abuse is not limited to less affluent suburbs. It is likely that young people attending high schools outside of Chicago will soon be able to obtain heroin for its numbing cocoon experience.

    Without question Sanctuary City status abets crime and drug trafficking here in Illinois by not removing criminals from the streets. There is, however, another perk offered to Mexicans in Illinois which few are aware of, and which serves as a magnet to entice illegal aliens to make Illinois their home base.

    In 2003 the Illinois General Assembly passed a law making the Mexican Matricula Consular ID Cards legitimate for identification.

    These cards are being issued to Mexicans throughout Illinois who cannot get access to U.S. identity documents and are easy to purchase for as little as $40.

    Concurrently, these Mexican ID cards are being used to funnel billions of dollars of drug money back to Mexico. Now there is talk in Chicago's City Council to expand the card to cover 42 other nationalities.

    Although this nation has always been welcoming to immigrants, as all of us were once immigrants, the window into our nation cannot be left wide open.

    Any country should be able to decide who and how many enter their country. Why should those who invade our country be treated differently from the way other countries treat our own citizens who enter their nations illegally?

    Nancy Thorner
    Lake Bluff

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