Madison County has received a grant to aid in the collection of data about abuse and neglect cases.

As part of the effort, the Third Judicial Circuit is hosting a workshop for 16 teens who have experiences with the county's child abuse and neglect docket.

Madison County Chief Judge Ann Callis announced the grant and workshop via press release Tuesday afternoon.

As part of the grant, the circuit created the Child Protection Data Collection Project Committee (CPDC) made up of Madison County Associate Judges Elizabeth Levy, Duane Bailey, Court Administrator Teri Picchioldi, probation officers, Department of Children and Family Services workers, circuit clerks and other court personnel and supervisors.

The workshop, entitled Dare to Dream (D2D): Youth Engagement Summit, is taking place at the Southern University of Illinois – Edwardsville.

Participants will work with graduate students and members of the SIUE faculty on team building and will hold discussion groups.

The goal of the summit is to collect data from the participants that will give the committee an idea of the impact the courts have had on these young people and how the circuit can improve the experiences of youth encountering the child abuse and neglect docket.

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