A St. Clair County woman has filed suit against the hospital where she says her daughter suffered brain damage and cardiac arrest after undergoing an endoscopic evaluation.

Martha Alsup claims her daughter, Kimberly Poindexter, underwent the procedure performed by defendant Mark Feldman on Sept. 8, 2008.

However, during the endoscopic evaluation, Feldman negligently
failed to provide moderate sedation, failed to monitor Poindexter at the end of the endoscopic evaluation with oxygen saturation levels of 74 percent, failed to remain with Poindexter in the room, failed to adequately manage Poindexter's airway, failed to adequately resuscitate Poindexter during the initial phases of her cardiac arrest and failed to react at the start of the EGD when Poindexter was unresponsive, according to the complaint filed in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

As a result, Poindexter became unresponsive and suffered from a reduced oxygen level in her body, leading to brain damage, the suit states. In addition, she became hypopneic, suffering from slow, shallow breathing, the complaint says.

Because of Feldman's actions and Poindexter's resulting brain damage, Poindexter became deprived from attending to her usual duties, lost wages and incurred substantial medical costs, Alsup claims.

In addition to Feldman, Alsup names St. Elizabeth's Hospital as a defendant, saying its employees failed to appropriately document the esophagogastroduodenoscopy, failed to initiate basic life support in a timely fashion, failed to resuscitate Poindexter during ACLS and failed to react at the start of the EGD when Poindexter was unresponsive, according to the complaint.

In her two-count suit, Alsup is seeking a judgment of more than $150,000, plus costs.

Thomas Q. Keefe Jr. of Belleville and Keith Short of Hazlett and Short in Shiloh will be representing her.

St. Clair County Circuit Court case number: 10-L-260.

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