A wrongful death suit filed over a man's fall in a Granite City hospital settled on the day it was set to be tried.

According to the case's docket sheet, the parties settled Feb. 16 and stipulations will follow.

It is now set for case management in May.

Plaintiff Dimitrina Kutriansky had sued several defendants including Granite City Hospital Company LLC for allegedly contributing to the death of Peter Stamboldjiev.

According to her complaint, Stamboldjiev was admitted to the Granite City hospital and was not properly assessed as a fall risk.

Stamboldjiev then fell. Kutriansky, suing as administrator of his estate, claims that he was not properly monitored while at the hospital.

The suit sought damages of at least $50,000.

Defendants Dr. Timothy Hipskind, Community Health Systems Inc. and Granite City Clinic Corp. were dismissed from the case prior the opening of Tuesday's trial.

The plaintiff is represented by Christian Montroy, who replaced her original attorney Ross Anderson.

The remaining defendants were Granite City Illinois Hospital Company LLC, Granite City Orthopedic Physicians Company, Schere, Donna Wiegand, Sandra Mann and Irvin Schallenberg. They are all represented by Edwards Crites.

The case is Madison case number 07-L-485.

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