Madison County Chief Judge Ann Callis has lifted dozens of civil cases -- among the hundred reassigned from retiring Circuit Judge Daniel Stack -- from a scheduled status conference Jan. 29.

Callis already heard motions in the cases and held case management conferences in December although her Jan. 5 order states that the cases will be "reset generally or by request."

The total number included in the Jan. 5 order is 27.

Callis transferred 146 cases off Stack's docket in December. Stack retains the cases listed in the asbestos docket to date as well as certain class action suits.

None of the suits named in the Jan. 5 order were filed earlier than 2008.

The cases that will be exempt from the Jan. 29 status conferences are:

  • 08-L-248, Leaf Funding Inc. vs. Ryan Lewis et al, breach of contract';

  • 08-L-283, Cynthia Moore vs. Dr. Dennis Hurford, negligence

  • 08-L-432, Ora Robinson vs. BNSF Railroad et al, FELA;

  • 08-L-467, Premier Center Inc. vs. Helmkamp Construction, negligence;

  • 08-L-606, Thomas Dodd vs. Ameren Services Company et al, breach of contract;

  • 08-L-626, Onis Zweck vs. Allise Reutiman, negligence;

  • 08-L-669, Doyle Miller vs. D&M Dairy Store et al, negligence;

  • 08-L-729, Latitia Pinson et al vs. Petersen Health Enterprises,
    other civil;

  • 08-L-761, Michelle Kopsie et al vs. Carl McGaughney et al, wrongful death;

  • 08-L-782, Donald Wilson vs. City of Madison et al, wrongful discharge;

  • 08-L-835, Drena Chaney vs. Ashley Kochel et al, negligence;

  • 08-L-1022, Lawrence Branam vs. Calvin Hudson et al, negligence;

  • 08-L-1030, First National Bank of Staunton vs. TFV Trucking LLC etal, breach of contract;

  • 08-L-1081, Debra Hamel vs. Madison County Region II Special
    Education Cooperative et al, breach of contract;

  • 08-L-1141, Jason Johnson vs. Microsoft, fraud;

  • 09-AR-027, Steel Trading Company vs. Hanley Industries, arbitration;

  • 09-L-009, Hughet Woodhouse vs. Daniel Allen et al, negligence;

  • 09-L-050, Terri Schmidt vs. Ryan Hawthorne, negligence;

  • 09-L-058, Ken Ledbetter vs. John Doe et al, negligence;

  • 09-L-264, Tammy Schulte vs. Karl Mandl, negligence;

  • 09-L-419, Karen Marsulla vs. Road Ranger, wrongful discharge;

  • 09-L-478, Heather Harris vs. Palmer Jason et al, negligence;

  • 09-L-487, Michelle Wollenweber vs. Robert Koesterer, personal injury;

  • 09-L-607, Orisa Babcock vs. Thomas Guccione, negligence;

  • 09-L-678, Noel Mabe vs. Dr. Yogendra Shah et al, negligence; and

  • 09-L-761, Kelly DeNardo et al vs. St. Anthony's Hospital et al, medical malpractice

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