The wife of a deceased man and her attorneys have agreed to accept more than $200,000 in a proposed settlement with Merck and Company.

Norma Henderson filed a petition for approval of the proposed settlement on July 9 in Madison County Circuit Court.

In the proposed settlement, Norma Henderson would receive $182,289.77.

Her attorneys at Brown and Crouppen would receive 32 percent of a portion of the settlement, or $43,316.38, plus unspecified attorney's fees, according to the proposed settlement.

The total sum of the settlement amounts to $225,606.15, the document states.

Norma Henderson originally filed a lawsuit July 9, 2003, against Merck, alleging the company's pain reliever Vioxx caused the death of her husband, John Henderson.

Thousands of lawsuits were filed against Merck in 2003 and 2004, usually by patients who were at elevated risk of heart disease after taking the drug for their severe arthritis or internal bleeding and ulcers.

Merck discovered the risk in an internal study and decided to remove the drug from the market.

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