Ricki Lee Jones and Dorothy Jones have settled their divorce in Madison County Circuit Court.

Associate Judge Duane Bailey, who presided over the case that had been set for trial April 13, said the parties reached an agreement at 11 a.m. Thursday, April 16.

Had the case gone to trial, Dorothy Jones was expected to call Jeffrey Heintz, former manager of the company her ex-husband owned -- Triad Industries -- as a witness.

At a hearing leading up to the divorce trial, a lawyer for Heintz said his client faced prosecution for tax crimes.

Ricki Jones in January pleaded guilty to charges that he failed to pay taxes on money Triad Industries received as pollution cleanup contractor at BP Amoco's refinery.

Attorney Jarrod Beasley told Bailey at an April 9 hearing, "Mr. Heintz is currently under federal investigation."

Beasley said Internal Revenue Service agents would meet with Heintz on April 15.

Beasley asked Bailey to keep Heintz off the witness stand in the Jones' divorce trial, but Bailey said Heintz would have to appear.

"If he chooses to assert his Fifth Amendment right, you have an absolute right to do that," Bailey said.

Jones has admitted to spending much of the money Triad was paid for refinery cleanup for the personal benefit of himself and others.

He agreed to pay $2.4 million in taxes and $1.2 million in restitution to BP Amoco.

Jones also agreed to testify before "the grand jury" or any court investigating any crime whether it involved him or not.

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