A Madison County man has filed suit against an Alton dental practice, alleging a dentist did not properly diagnose him with TMJ and performed a procedure that made his bite worse.

Gene Silveus claims he visited Humbert Road Dentistry on March 16, 2007, where a dentist grinded down the teeth and crowns of the left side of his jaw, causing him to have an uneven and unbalanced bite.

In the suit filed March 6 in Madison County Circuit Court, Silveus claims Dr. Terry Ortman improperly worked on his mouth, causing him to suffer acute and prolonged physical and mental pain and suffering.

Ortman also failed to initially diagnose Silveus' TMJ and bi-lateral click before they grinded on his teeth, the complaint says.

Dr. Timothy Pranger is named as a co-defendant.

"After assuming the care and treatment of plaintff, Gene Silveus, the defendant, Dr. Timothey Pranger, D.M.D., through his authorized agent, employee or partner, co-defendant Terry Ortman, D.D.S., committed battery against the plaintiff by intentionally grinding down his teeth and crowns on the left side of his jaw without plaintiff's consent," the suit states.

Silveus also claims the left and right side of his teeth were not properly equilibrated on the same day.

The dentists allegedly failed to render dental services consistent with Silveus' needs, failed to adequately evaluate his condition, failed to diagnose and treat him, failed to take a proper history before grinding on his teeth and failed to fully explain the procedure to him, the suit states.

As a result, Silveus has incurred dental expenses, according to the complaint.

The complaint seeks in excess of $50,000 in damages.

Pranger is represented by Jeffrey A. Kopis of the Kopis Law Office in Belleville.

Madison County Circuit Court case number: 09-L-0220.

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