A collision between two tractor trailers is the subject of a suit filed in Madison County Circuit Court.

Dart Transit Company claims a U.S.A. Truck tractor trailer collided with one of their trucks at the Flying J Gas Station near Interstate 270 in Pontoon Beach on Sept. 23, 2006.

According to the complaint filed Oct. 20, the U.S.A. truck driver was negligent in failing to keep a proper lookout for other vehicles.

Dart Transit also claims the rival driver carelessly and negligently operated his vehicle at a speed which was greater than reasonable, failed to reduce his speed and failed to stop his vehicle when a collision was imminent.

Represented by Michael Lawder of St. Louis, Dart alleges the collision required them to spend a large sum of money to repair the damages to the vehicle.

Dart also alleges they incurred a loss as a result of the downtime.

They are seeking a judgment in excess of $15,000, but less than $50,000.

The case is awaiting mandatory arbitration.

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