The St. Clair County GOP says this guide was mailed with absentee ballots to some voters in the county.


St. Clair County GOP chairman Bill Zychlewicz says a Democratic voter guide has been mailed to voters from the St. Clair County Clerk's office in the same envelope as absentee ballots.

He said he is attempting to gather evidence to support those claims.

But Clerk Bob Delaney, a Democrat, denied the accusation saying he wouldn't be "that stupid."

"I told Bill he's wrong like he's always wrong," Delaney said.

Zychlewicz told Delaney of complaints from several voters who said the partisan flyer came in the same mailing as their ballot.

According to Delaney, campaign committees have requested lists of voters receiving absentee ballots. Those campaigns are responsible for distributing election material in separate mailings, not his office, he said.

Zychlewicz said in an email that "this effort" appears to be targeted in the districts of three contested county board races. He said the flyer is printed on card stock with red lettering.

On one side the guide states at the top, "Had Enough? Vote Democratic." On the other side the guide lists the Democratic slate of national, state and local candidates in St. Clair County.

The Record is attempting to contact voters who say they received voter guides in the same envelope as their ballot.

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