Injuries in rear-end collision subject of suit

By Kelly Holleran | Aug 27, 2008

Christopher and Christine Weishaupt have filed suit against Donald D. Ennis, alleging he caused injuries to Christopher in an accident.

Weishaupt had been driving in a westerly direction on Airline Drive near an intersection with Center Street in Wood River on June 28, he claims.

When Weishaupt stopped at a red light, Ennis's vehicle allegedly hit Weishaupt's from behind, the lawsuit states.

Weishaupt claims the accident caused him injuries to various parts of his body including his neck, back, shoulders, left wrist, left ankle and left knee.

He also claims he has and will suffer great pain of mind, body and mental anguish, incur bills with the intent to be cured of his disability, and be unable to attend to the ordinary affairs of life.

He claims he has incurred a loss of wages in excess of $50,000, the lawsuit states.

In addition, Christopher Weishaupt's wife, Christine, claims she was dependent upon Christopher for support, society and consortium, but has lost the consortium and society of him since the accident.

Ennis had a duty of reasonable care in the operation of his automobile and breached that by driving under the influence of alcohol, failing to operate his vehicle at a speed reasonable and proper, failing to decrease the speed of his vehicle as necessary to avoid colliding with Weishaupt's, failing to maintain proper control of his vehicle and failing to maintain proper lookout, Weishaupt claims.

Christopher Weishaupt is seeking sums in excess of $50,000 plus the cost of the suit.

Christine Weishaupt is seeking in excess of $50,000 in damages, plus the cost of the suit.

The couple is represented by J. Robert Edmunds in Alton.

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