Anthony Sims has filed a lawsuit against Heidtman Steel Products, claiming the company illegally discharged him from employment after he was hurt on the job and applied for workers' compensation benefits

Sims said he was at work May 13 when he had an accident, according to the complaint.

"The injury sustained by the plaintiff, Anthony Sims, rendered him unable to perform his employment and he was temporarily totally disabled for a period of time," the suit states.

After Sims applied for benefits under the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act, Heidtman allegedly discharged him, the suit said.

"With the full knowledge of the provisions of the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act as cited, the defendant herein knowingly, willfully, wantonly and with the callus disregard for the welfare and rights of the Plaintiff, discharged the Plaintiff from its employment by way of punishment for he continued pursuit of his rights under the Illinois Workers Compensation Act," the suit states.

As a result of his discharge, Sims claims he has suffered the loss of income and benefits in the past and is likely to suffer a loss of income and benefits in the future, has suffered mental and physical anguish, and has suffered pain in the past and is likely to suffer pain in the future.

Sims is seeking $50,000, punitive damages of $50,000 and the costs of the suit.

In the lawsuit filed Aug. 22, Sims requested a 12-person jury. He is represented by Jon E. Rosenstengel of Bonifield and Rosenstengel in Belleville.

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