Losetta C. Hodges of Belleville claims her former employer wrongfully discharged her in retaliation for seeking workers' compensation benefits.

Hodges sued The Lincoln Home in St. Clair County Circuit Court on Aug. 6, claiming she was hurt on the job Nov. 13, 2007, rendering her unable to perform work.

She claims she incurred medical expenses and became entitled to work comp benefits.

"[O]n December 12, 2007 the defendant discharged the plaintiff, Losetta C. Hodges, from its employment in retaliation for seeking her rights under the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act," the complaint states.

Her two-count lawsuit seeks in excess of $100,000 in compensatory and punitive damages for lost income and pain, as well as for the alleged willful and wanton conduct of defendant.

"[W]ith a callus (sic) disregard for the welfare and rights of the plaintiff, (defendant) discharged the plaintiff from its employment," the complaint states.

Hodges is represented by Jon E. Rosenstengel of Bonifield & Rosenstengel in Belleville.

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