Tim Randolph filed a dram shop complaint against the Sunset Inn Again in Troy in Madison County Circuit Court May 15, alleging the tavern served excess alcoholic beverages to two patrons who assaulted him.

Randolph claims he was at the Sunset Inn on July 29, 2007, when co-defendants Brandon Dieu and Josh Briggs assaulted him without provocation.

According to Randolph, prior to the assault Dieu and Briggs were allegedly served alcoholic liquor in quantities sufficient enough to cause their intoxication.

He claims Sunset Inn improperly operated and managed its premises, allowed patrons to use excessive force against him, failed to notify the police of the disturbance, failed to call for emergency medical attention and failed to properly supervise and train employees.

Randolph claims Dieu and Briggs intentionally and wrongfully committed battery when they struck him in the face.

He also claims the duo allegedly consumed an excessive amount of alcohol impairing their judgment and assaulted him when they knew or should have known the assault would cause serious bodily injury.

Randolph claims the assault caused him to suffer severe and permanent injuries to his head and body which caused him to suffer great bodily pain, loss of a normal life, lost wages and medical expenses.

Represented by Kenneth Danzinger of Granite City, Randolph is seeking damages in excess of $300,000, plus costs of the suit.

The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder.

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