Kenny's Bar

A man who was allegedly assaulted at Kenny's Bar in Granite City filed a dram shop complaint in Madison County Circuit Court April 25, alleging an intoxicated patron attacked him.

Robert Stonum claims Kenny's gave or sold alcoholic beverages to an unidentified male patron on May 1, 2007, which caused him to become intoxicated.

He claims the same male patron "attacked and beat" him without provocation which caused him to sustain severe and permanent injuries to his left leg and ankle, both internally and externally.

Stonum claims Kenny's negligently and carelessly operated its business establishment by:

  • Failing to timely contact the police to assist him at the onset of the attack;

  • Failing to intervene in the attack in any way in order to minimize his risk of injury;

  • Failing to train employees to stop and/or intervene in such attacks;

  • Failing to take reasonable action to protect against the misconduct of third party customers;

  • Failing to provide the necessary personnel to protect against the misconduct of unwanted individuals inside the establishment;

  • Failing to properly protect him against the unidentified male patron who was exhibiting dangerous, belligerent, aggressive and hostile behavior; and

  • Failing to remove the unidentified male patron from the premises after it became apparent he posed a threat of violence.

    Stonum claims his injuries caused and will continue to prevent him from attending to his usual duties and affairs, lost wages, suffer great pain and mental anguish and medical expenses.

    Represented by Ronald Motil of Glen Carbon, Stonum is seeking damages in excess of $100,000, plus costs.

    The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge David Hylla.

    08 L 357

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