Bruce Congdon filed a Jones Act complaint against Matteson Marine Service in U.S. District Court April 7, alleging his employer failed to provide him a safe place to work.

Represented by Dennis O'Bryan of Birmingham, Mich., Congdon claims that during his career with Matteson, which caused him to become injured in August 2007.

He claims Matteson failed to provide him with a reasonably safe place to work and failed to provide safe equipment in violation of the Jones Act.

Congdon also claims his employer was neglecting in its duty to provide maintenance and cure resulting in aggravation of the underlying condition.

Under the Jones Act, injured workers are entitled to maintenance and cure regardless of who was at fault.

Cure obligates the owner to pay for all reasonable medical care related to all medical conditions which manifest while one is working on a vessel until recovery from work-related injuries.

Maintenance requires employers to pay workers' land living costs equal to the manner of living offshore on the vessel while under medical care. It is generally between $15 and $40 dollars per day.

Congdon claims his unspecified injuries have caused and will continue to cause pain and suffering, mortification, humiliation, fright, shock and embarrassment, medical expenses, lost wages, aggravation of a prior condition, mental anguish, attorney fees and inability to engage in social, recreational, and other pursuits he previously enjoyed.

He is seeking a judgment against Matteson in excess of $75,000, plus interest, costs, attorney fees and expenses, all to be methodically adjusted upwards during the pendency of the case.

The case has been assigned to District Judge William Stiehl.

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