The parents of an adopted child are seeking in excess of $3 million after their 16-year-old daughter was allegedly placed by a state agency with the girl's biological father, without a court order.

David D. Schwierjohn and Irene L. Schwierjohn of Granite City filed suit pro se against the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and its worker, the Granite City Police Department and officer Craig Knight, as well as Mark Breeden, the girl's biological father, and his now ex-wife Mary Breeden.

According to the suit filed March 24 in Madison County Circuit Court, the Breedens allegedly convinced the girl to run away from home on or about March 23, 2007.

The Schwierjohns claim they were notified by officer Knight that their daughter was being placed with the Breedens..."despite there being no court order, nor being any legal nor logical reason why (the girl) should be with the Defendants....who were not licensed foster parents nor in any way related to (the girl)."

"The actions of Defendants Illinois Department of Children and Family Servies, John Doe, Granite City Police Department, and Craig Knight were in violation of 42USC1983 and denied Plaintiffs their constitutional rights under color of state law," the complaint states.

The Schwierjohns and their daughter claim infliction of emotional distress.

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