Former spouses Sherry Lutman and Gary Lutman, joint owners of Sharky's Sports Bar, Restaurant and Billiards in Collinsville, have called off their battle over the business.

Gary Lutman informed Madison County Associate Judge Ellar Duff in January that he would drop an appeal of an order she signed barring him from the premises.

Duff signed an order dismissing the appeal, after receiving assurances that Gary Lutman and Sherry Lutman would soon settle a suit he filed in 2006.

Each of them owns 45 percent of Sharky's, and 10 percent belongs to Richard Gibson.

Gary and Sherry divorced in 2000, but joint ownership continued.

Two years ago Sherry Lutman and Gibson combined their shares, removed Gary Lutman as president, treasurer and director, and barred him from the premises.

Gary Lutman sued Sherry Lutman and Gibson, alleging they mismanaged Sharky's, denied him access to records and switched bank accounts.

Sherry Lutman, Gibson and the business sought a restraining order to keep Gary Lutman off the premises and out of the operation.

They claimed Sharky's would suffer irreparable harm if he interfered.

Duff granted a temporary order last June, extended it in July, and denied reconsideration in August.

Lutman appealed to the Fifth District in Mount Vernon, but the tentative settlement put a stop to the appeal.

Charles Douglas of Bunker Hill represented Gary Lutman.

Steven Giacoletto of Collinsville represented Sherry Lutman, Gibson and Sharky's.

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