The estate of Mark Collman filed a wrongful death suit against Alton Memorial Hospital and Shazia Rani Chaudhry, M.D. in Madison County Circuit Court Feb. 11, alleging the defendants' negligence caused his death.

Represented by Tom Keefe of Belleville, Collman's estate alleges he went to the hospital on March 4, 2006, with symptoms of tightness in his throat, blurred vision, neck pain, throat pain and tightness in his chest, along with other symptoms suggestive of an aortic aneurysm.

His estate claims the defendants negligently and carelessly failed to recognize symptoms which suggested dissection of the aorta, failed to do studies including taking a more thorough family history, more appropriate examinations, repeat chest x-ray and CAT scan of the chest and failed to make a timely diagnosis of dissection of the aorta.

According to the complaint, Mark Collman died and his next-of-kin have been deprived of his love, companionship, society, support, in addition to incurring and becoming liable for large sums of money in hospital, medical, and related expenses all to their damage in a substantial amount.

His estate also claims that prior to his death, he suffered permanent pain, mental anguish, disfigurement, and medical bills prior to his death.

Collman's estate is seeking damages in excess $225,000, plus costs of the suit.

The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Nicholas Byron.

08 L 112

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