Bitten by a brown recluse spider that had gotten into her clothes at a tanning salon, Michelle Curtis of Shiloh is seeking in excess of $100,000 in damages from Hollywood Tan in Belleville and its manager Marcie Adams.

Curtis claims the tanning service, located in Lake Christine Plaza, failed to provide reasonably safe accommodations, failed to provide a suitable place for clothing storage and failed to provide adequate pest control, according to a suit filed Jan. 8 in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

The spider bite incident, which occurred Feb. 1, 2006, resulted in multiple surgical treatments, Curtis claims.

She also claims she suffered great pain and mental anguish and that she has also lost large sums of money due to her inability to pursue her normal gainful occupation.

Hollywood Tan, Inc. is a Missouri corporation with eight of its 13 locations in St. Clair and Madison counties, the suit claims.

Curtis is represented Gregory L. Shevlin of Cook, Ysursa, Bartholomew, Brauer & Shevlin of Belleville.

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