Local bankruptcy attorney ready to combat predatory creditors

By The Madison County Record | Nov 6, 2007

Local consumer bankruptcy attorney Andy Miofsky recently survived an intensive five-day training session in bankruptcy litigation at Max Gardner's Bankruptcy Camp.

Gardner's Boot Camp is conducted on Gardner's 160-acre Farm located deep in the South Mountains of Western North Carolina near the small town of Casar.

Gardner is widely recognized as the leading lawyer in America in the areas of predatory mortgage servicing and the collection of discharged debts in consumer bankruptcy cases.

His boot camps have been featured in the NY Times, the Washington Post, Business Week, and CNN's "Open House." Gardner has trained more than 200 consumer lawyers since he first opened the boot camps in January 2006.

Gardner says he "teaches the Boot Campers to think like the creditors so that they can beat them at their own game."

Gardner also educates lawyers in federal and state laws and consumer protection statutes to enhance the protections provided by the Bankruptcy Code.

Each "Boot Camper" is provided with more than 2,000 pages of documents and forms, Power Point presentations, tools, tips, and other computer-ready documents.

Miofsky, who is from Glen Carbon, and who has been practicing bankruptcy law in Southern Illinois for 27 years, completed the 12 hour a day Boot Camp.

Upon graduating from Gardner's boot camp, Miofsky stated, "It was worth every minute of long days of seminar training to be able to come home and represent our local consumers with the expert tools and advice I received."

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