Key West 33040: Lakin's address remains mystery to MC court

By Steve Korris | Nov 2, 2007

Key West sunsets are spectacular any time of year.

Madison County Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder has asked Tom Lakin for his address twice, and twice Lakin has told her he lives in Key West, Fla.

Crowder didn't accept that as an address in September, and Lakin's Oct. 26 supplement to his previous response didn't tell her anything she didn't already know.

Lakin attached to the supplement a copy of his appearance bond on criminal charges in U.S. district court at East St. Louis, showing "Key West 33040," written by hand.

Someone, however, had whitened out the street address.

Lakin awaits trial in January on morals charges. He wears an electronic monitoring device as a condition of release.

Crowder wants his address because a plaintiff in her court, Suzanne Krause of Tennessee, intends to depose him at his home.

Krause claims the negligence of Lakin lawyers ruined her chance to recover damages for leg injuries she suffered when a tree fell on her.

Krause's attorneys challenged his September assertion that he lived in Key West, after obtaining driver license records indicating he lived in Illinois.

Lakin's attorney in the case, Michael Nester of Belleville, wrote to Crowder that the appearance bond established Florida as his place of residence.

Nester wrote, "In the event that the Court deems additional information is necessary, defendant, Lowell Thomas Lakin, requests leave to submit further documentation with respect to his residence."

He asked for an order "providing that the deposition of Lowell Thomas Lakin be taken in Key West, Florida and for any further relief this Court deems appropriate."

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