CSX named in St. Clair County FELA suit

By Ann Knef | Oct 25, 2007

Billy Bob Jolliff is seeking in excess of $100,000 in damages from CSX Transportation, Inc. for injuries, pain and suffering, lost earnings and medical expenses.

Jolliff, a conductor, filed suit in St. Clair County Circuit Court Oct. 24 claiming he had sought medical treatment for pain in his elbows while he was employed by CSX.

According to the suit, Jolliff was required to perform tasks wich exposed his upper extremities to repetitive motions, forceful gripping, vibration and awkward positions for unreasonably extended periods of time on a daily and continuous basis.

"Said condition ultimately resulted in severe and permanently disabling injuries known as Ulnar Nerve Entrapment Syndrome, Ulnar Nerve Hypersensitivity, and/or Ulnar Neuropathy of the Cubital Tunnel," the complaint states.

Jolliff, represented by William P. Gavin of the Gavin Law Firm in Belleville, claims CSX failed to warn him of the hazards associated with his job.

The suit also claims, among other things, that the defendant failed to:

  • Furnish plaintiff with reasonably safe equipment;

  • Furnish plaintiff with proper personal protective equipment;

  • Furnish plaintiff with proper supervision; and

  • Warn plaintiff of reasonably foreseeable hazardous conditions.

    Jolliff also claims CSX allowed unsafe practices to become standard practice.

    He alleges that his ability to work in labor in the future has severely and permanently been diminished.

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