Alorton and cop sued over tasering incident

By Ann Knef | Oct 1, 2007

The city of Alorton and its police officer Bryant Falconer are being sued by a woman claiming battery and false imprisonment.

Tineka Galloway claims she was tasered on her legs and kicked and punched in the head after being arrested for having an obstructed windshield and for resisting arrest and obstructing a police officer.

Galloway claims Falconer stopped her as she was driving her automobile on a public roadway in Alorton at 7:45 p.m. on July 10.

"At no time did the Plaintiff knowingly resist or obstruct the performance by Defendant Falconer of any authorized act within his official capacity," the complaint states.

"At no time did the Plaintiff intentionally or knowingly without legal justification by any means cause bodily harm to Defendant Falconer.

"At no time did the Plaintiff have an object suspended between she and the windshield that materially obstructed her view."

Represented by Brian L. Polinske of Edwardsville, Galloway is seeking in excess of $350,000 in damages on counts of battery, false imprisonment, negligent hiring, negligent supervision and negligent retention.

She claims the city failed to conduct a meaningful background check on Falconer.

"If they had conducted said background check they would have discovered that Defendant Falconer had a history of violence in that he was arrested for aggravated battery and convicted of disorderly conduct in St. Clair County during 2003," the complaint states.

Galloway claims she has suffered mental anguish, physical pain and suffering and physical damage to her eye which has cause her vision to worsen.

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