Strip club customer got a beating instead of refund, suit claims

By Steve Gonzalez | Sep 19, 2007

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club

Seth Jarman claims he just wanted a refund after the power went out at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club, but instead was attacked by eight bouncers.

Jarman filed suit against the strip club and bouncers in St. Clair County Circuit Court Sept. 13, seeking damages in excess of $150,000 alleging he was beaten so badly he suffered a skull fracture.

According to Jarman, shortly after his arrival at the club on Feb. 5, the power went out. He claims that he tried to ask the general manager for a refund because the club was closing for the night.

He claims the bouncers, who he identifies as John Doe 1-8, surrounded him and began to use violent, physical force by restraining him against his will and striking him repeatedly in the face and body.

"Defendants John Doe 1-8 intentionally and unlawfully caused Plaintiff to have a well-founded fear of imminent peril due to corporal injury by force, of which actually effected upon Plaintiff's person," the complaint states.

Jarman also claims the Hustler Club owed a duty to protect him from an unreasonable risk of physical harm but breached that duty when they allowed its employees to assault and batter him.

According to Jarman, he sustained "serious and grievous" permanent, disabling and progressive injuries including a fractured skull, broken nose and contusions to his face all of which cause pain and suffering, lost wages and medical expenses.

Jarman is represented by Andrew Toennies of St. Louis.

07 L 423 (20th Circuit)

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