A trackman for Norfolk Southern Railway filed a Federal Employers Liability Act suit in Madison County Circuit Court Aug. 17, alleging the railroad failed to provide him a safe place to work.

Seeking damages in excess of $100,000, Mark Waluzak claims he suffered a heart attack on Aug. 14, 2004, while working near Detroit repairing railroad tracks.

Waluzak claims Norfolk negligently failed to provide safe methods of work, failed to provide sufficient manpower, failed to provide safe tools and equipment and overworked him without sufficient rest.

Represented by Greg Tobin of East Alton, Waluzak also claims during his career from 1975 through 2006, he was subjected to repetitive traumas while repairing the railroad tracks.

According to Waluzak, the heart attack caused permanent injuries to his heart and body while the repetitive trauma caused injuries to his back, neck, spine, elbows wrists and knees all of which cause pain and mental anguish, lost wages and medical expenses.

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