Mark Moerlien filed a personal injury suit against Tess Rudder in Madison County Circuit Court Aug. 3, seeking damages for injuries he allegedly sustained on Aug. 20, 2005, when Rudder collided with his motorcycle.

"Defendant so negligently and carelessly operated her vehicle so as to cause the same to violently collide with the Plaintiff's motorcycle causing serious personal injuries," the complaint states.

According to the complaint, Moerlien was driving his motorcycle eastbound along the Great River Road in Godfrey at the time of the collision.

He claims Rudder was negligent by:

  • failing to keep her vehicle under control;

  • failing to keep a proper lookout for others on the roadway;

  • failing to reduce her speed to avoid an accident;

  • improperly operating her vehicle at a speed greater than the posted speed limit;

  • failing to allow a safe distance while overtaking another vehicle traveling in the same direction;

  • failing to stop her vehicle in time to avoid a collision when she knew that the collision was impending and had ample time and opportunity to avoid the collision;

  • improperly changing lanes before ascertaining that the lane change could be made safely; and

  • operating her vehicle more closely to the vehicle in front of her than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions.

    Moerlien claims he suffered severe and permanent injuries that caused and will continue to cause him to suffer extreme pain, medical expenses and the loss of a normal life.

    Represented by Todd Neilson of Callis, Papa, Hale, Szewczyk & Danzinger in Granite City, Moerlien is seeking a judgment in excess of $50,000, plus costs.

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