Dartallion Allen filed a medical malpractice suit against urologist Sejal Quayle, M.D. claiming his prostate removal surgery was negligently performed.

According to a suit filed Aug. 3 in St. Clair County Circuit Court, Allen's surgery on Jan. 12, 2006, lasted 11 hours.

Represented by John J. Hopkins of Edwardsville, Allen is seeking in excess of $100,000 in damages from Quayle and Belleville Urology Associates.

Allen claims that during surgery Quayle pulled his retro-urethralis muscle, causing injury to his rectum.

He also claims Quayle failed to properly remove his denovilliers fascia, causing further injury to his rectum. He also states he suffered nerve injury from the negligent placement of a retractor into his pelvis area throughout the surgery.

"...[T]hat as a result of the negligence by the defendant, plaintiff has suffered extreme complications and permanent injury from the lack of proper care from the defendant requiring additional procedures, which have caused him severe distress, physical pain, mental anguish, functional deficit, excess disability and disfigurement," the complaint states.

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