The Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts has tabulated the results of the reappointment ballots for associate judges in Illinois.

In Illinois, associate judges are secretly elected by a circuit's elected judges. Every four years all of the associate judges have to be retained by the circuit judges even if they have only served for several days.

The following associate judges have been appointed to terms for the period July 1, 2007, through June 30, 2011. At least three-fifths of the circuit judges who participated in the election voted in favor of the associate judges.

In the Third Judicial Circuit all of the associate judges have been reappointed:

Duane L. Bailey
Thomas W. Chapman
Ellar Duff
David K. Grounds
James Hackett
Clarence W. Harrison II
Janet Rae Heflin
Keith A. Jensen
Ralph J. Mendelsohn
Nelson F. Metz
Stephen A. Stobbs
Richard L. Tognarelli

In the Twentieth Judicial Circuit the following associate judges have been reappointed:

Richard A. Aguirre
Brian A. Babka
Walter C. Brandon Jr.
Richard A. Brown
Laninya Cason
Michael N. Cook
Ellen A. Dauber
Andrew J. Gleeson
Vincent J. Lopinot
Alexis Otis-Lewis
James M. Radcliffe III
Stephen R. Rice
Heinz M. Rudolf

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