Madison County Chief Deputy Coroner Ralph Baahlmann Jr. was suspended with pay April 21, Coroner Steve Nonn announced today in press release to media outlets.

One month after the suspension took place, Nonn confirmed that Baahlmann, Jr., a 31-year veteran of the coroner's office, has been suspended with pay pending an investigation by the Public Integrity Unit of the Illinois State Police regarding an allegation that is "not work related."

"The allegations against Mr. Baahlmann were raised by an individual and are not in any way related to his position as chief deputy of the Coroner's Office," Nonn stated.

"In order to avoid any appearance of impropriety of any nature, the decision was made to temporarily suspend Mr. Baahlmann with pay while the investigation is proceeding," Nonn stated.

"Any time allegations are made against a law enforcement official, investigators are particularly thorough and are not concerned with how long an investigation takes."

Baahlmann's annual salary is $75,000.

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