To the editor:

Where has "Law" gone? Even with witnesses present during a family court hearing, Judge Duane Bailey's behavior was atrocious.

How embarrassing for the court: He suppressed evidence, refused testimony, mandated a certain order but then refused to call a witness again to address that issue, prejudiced himself by predetermining his decision with opposing counsel and refused to allow the respondent's input.

I am appalled at the exploitation and lack of compassion for the children.

I realize moral decline is evident in our society, more now than ever before. But we Americans are called to speak out!

We did it in the November elections and we must stand up now!

Wake up Madison County! Take your courthouse back. As a healthcare professional I am well aware of this court's reputation, I wouldn't even think of living in this county and feel sorry for all that do.

Rebecca Valicoff
St. Louis

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