Dog bite at yard sale subject of Madison County suit

By Steve Gonzalez | May 7, 2007

The parents of a girl injured after she was allegedly bitten by a dog at a yard sale filed a personal injury suit in Madison County Circuit Court May 3, which seeks damages in excess of $200,000.

Cheryl Romo and Christopher Crane claim their daughter, Amber Crane, was visiting a yard sale at Larry Langendorf's home in Dorsey Township on May 14, 2005, when his dog suddenly attacked Amber.

According to the complaint, the dog knocked Amber to the ground and repeatedly bit her face causing serious and permanent injuries.

Amber's parents claim Langendorf negligently and carelessly failed to cage, fence, leash, or otherwise secure the dog when he knew that an attack was likely given the yard sale at his residence would draw people unknown to the dog.

They also claim that Langendorf failed to warn them and others that his dog was not restrained, failed to provide an area to hold the yard sale to ensure the dog would not come into contact with patrons and failed to keep a proper lookout and control over his dog.

According to the complaint, Amber sustained severe and permanent injuries to her head, face and neck, sustained permanent scarring to her forehead, the area around her right eye, the area around her mouth, her right cheek and neck.

Her parents also claim that she has been prevented from her normal daily activities.

They each also allege that they sustained emotional injuries and distress after having heard and observed the attack and having to observe the scars on their daughter's face.

The family is represented by William Miller of Alton.

The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Daniel Stack.

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