Abortion protest outside Madison County Courthouse leads to arrest

By Ann Knef | Apr 12, 2007

Mia and Savanah Michael protest outside the courthouse.

An abortion protest outside the Madison County Courthouse Wednesday morning led to the arrest of Trevor Wood, 25, of Troy, who allegedly attempted to assault the demonstrators.

According to a press release issued by a pro-life activist family -- the Michaels of Highland -- Wood was arrested for an attack on Mia, Savanah, and Daniel Michael outside the courthouse.

"As the Michaels were exercising their First Amendment rights proclaiming that Jesus is Lord and letting the public know that Attorney Mark Levy represents Hope abortion mill, the Midwest's largest baby dumping mill located in Granite City, Trevor Wood walked by and threw a bucket of 'pig slop' on them and their pro-life signs and attempted to physically assault Savanah Michael," the release states. "He ran off, but then came back for a second attempt to assault them."

The Michaels operate Small Victories ministries, a Christian pregnancy resource outreach for mothers and their children. They frequently protest outside Hope Clinic in Granite City where abortions are performed. They also have targeted Edwardsville attorney Mark Levy.

The press release continued, "He (Wood) again took off running north of the courthouse and tried to pass himself off as a customer sitting at a table outside a sidewalk cafe, across from the Wildey Theater. Daniel helped police search for him and was able to finger him for police."

"We were willing to forgive and forget the first time he assaulted us, but then he was being belligerent and came back and tried to attack us again," Daniel Michael stated.

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