A man injured by his beer bottle after tripping out of an Alton tavern last year is seeking more than $200,000 for neck, face and chest injuries.

Matthew Shewmake filed suit against Norb's Tavern in Madison County Circuit Court April 4.

He claims that as he was leaving the premises at 2505 State St. on April 8, 2006, he tripped over a toejam at the exit, causing him to fall onto and fracture the beer bottle he was carrying. He was exiting the tavern with a bottle of beer to consume on the parking lot area, the complaint states.

"Plaintiff was pitched forward out the door upon exiting and was unable to catch himself as the outside walkway was a steep ramp without rails which defendant knew or should have known was a dangerous condition for patrons leaving the premises who may stumble and be unable to stop or catch their fall," the complaint states.

Shewmake is represented by Rod Pitts of Wood River.

He claims it was the defendants' duty to exercise ordinary care and caution in an about the management of the premises and to keep the entrances and exits in a reasonably safe condition.

The suit alleges Shewmake has incurred doctor and hospital bills in an attempt to cure him of his injuries. He has been prevented from attending to his usual duties and affairs and has lost large sums of money which he otherwise would have earned, the suit states.

Co-defendants include Roxie D. Halvorsen, Thomas A. Halvorsen and Halvorsen, Inc.

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